About Us

Home Music Tools is a resource for parents, kids and homeschool families who want access to quality music education tools. The company was created when Sean Dehart, owner/founder/homeschooling parent and musician, saw the need for music education in his own children's curriculum. He is committed to helping parents and kids have fun with music by providing quality music gear and educational tools such as music curriculum, books on reading music and music theory and CDs/DVDs for learning instruments.

As Sean states "While a majority of homeschoolers focus on academic proficiency (as we should), a lot of homeschoolers have forgone any kind of other education to enhance and magnify their children's education. The purpose of Home Music Tools is to provide families with the tools they need to give their children a wonderful music education, be it through guitar, piano, orchestra, band ensembles or any other numerous instruments that may pique their child's interest."

We believe that we all have a creative spark put into us by our Creator and that we should not be afraid or ashamed to share that gift with the world! We believe our services will help develop the next generation of great artists and composers and we are here to help you get it done right!