Most Common Misconceptions About Posture In Viola/Violin Playing

Have you wanted to learn to play the violin or viola? If you have, here is a snippet from a post about how to correctly hold and play these beautiful instruments:

"Have you ever noticed how many string players tend to carry themselves with a curvature of the spine and sloping  shoulders and back, even when not playing the instrument? Its amazing how we can develop physical habits unconsciously. The thing is, you’d never see a dancer develop a slumping posture over time. Sure its in their skill sets to develop a super fit body but its also part of their skill sets to learn how to use the body optimally.  When you think about it, why shouldn’t such considerations as optimal body movement be part of a string players skill sets?"

To read more, head over to Rozanna's Violins blog here; also check out the violin's from Rozanna's Violin's here; she is also available for lessons. #violins #violas #homemusiceducation #learnmusic #teachmusic

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